Street food is one of the most authentic Indonesian experience, and in Jakarta there are so many places to choose from! You will sit elbow-to-elbow with the other customers and you won’t have any difficulties engaging in chitchat! Eating in the street is also lively you often have singers or musicians entertaining you as well as street vendors touting their goods. Get a real taste for our city by checking out some of the street food destination in Sabang.

Wahid Hasyim offers a different style again for food lovers. Surrounded by restaurants, bars, and grocery stores this street is popular amongst visitors to Jakarta. Right on Morrissey’s doorstep, our prime location gives you the chance to experience all the hippest hangouts and restaurants like Kedai Tiga Nyonya and Sate Khas Senayan.

Ed will love to take you arround Sabang and Wahid Hasyim area, contact our Front Office for more information.

Its only 150 meter from Morrissey.

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KH Wahid Hasyim 70.

Menteng, Jakarta 10340